Monday, November 30, 2009


I have a couple of points to make:

I am pretty much not better than an Olympian at anything, except maybe snark.

That push up thing? I could maybe do that with lady push ups. Maybe.*

Olympians are good at sports. This is the profession of an Olympian. I am unable to challenge a professional athlete at athletics.

At whom is this targeted? I mean, the hula-hoop makes it seem like it's a kids' thing, but then again it's not specified. And it doesn't say there's an age limit.

Wait, I think I've got it! There's one person who can give that snowboarder a run for her money...

*Okay, so I tried it. I did one lady-push-up-hand-clap and stuck the landing. Then I collapsed into giggles, which doesn't seem like the Olympian did. A second attempt was a mistake; there was nowhere to land but my elbows. In conclusion, I am not better at upper body strength than an Olympian. *Surprised face!*

Friday, November 27, 2009

76 Days!

As the torch does its loop around the harbor, let us discuss a matter that all Mount Olympics readers are incredibly interested in: Mascots!

The mascots for the first! ever! Youth Olympics in Singapore. (It's like the real Olympics, only smaller. Think... Little League.) And what does every modern international sporting event need?

Spirit Animals. Or something...

Oh yeah. 

Lyo (pronounced Leo) and Merly are a lion and some sort of aquatic... mammal... (with ribbons for hair?) who are very concerned with the environment and, you know, youth. EXCITING!  According to the FAQs, no plushes are available as of yet.

Ah, Wikipedia has informed me that Merly is a merlion. Like a mermaid, only in lion form. Maybe her hair can act as gills? Or something?