Saturday, August 30, 2008

Corollary on Google

In answer to my own question from the other day, OF COURSE Google had a special logo for the Olympics. Google has had a spLinkecial logo for ALL the Olympics. And I would love nothing more than to share them all with you, with commentary, right here on this blog, but the Google website expresses a "passionate" (no kidding) desire to maintain the sanctity of the Google Logo and associated Doodles by not having them posted all over the Internets, and getting sued by Google is one of the scarier things I think could happen to me.. I could probably come up with worse, but they would probably involve a clumsy weightlifter, 2,008 angry Chinese drummers*, and the uneven bars, and in general do not bear thinking about.

So I direct all interested parties to Google's specialty logo archives, where you can see just how much Google loves the Olympics. (Particular attention should go to the one for Athens in 2004, where Zeus appears to be lighting the torch with actual lightening.)

*I'm thinking that if China had come up with the Twelve Days of Christmas, it would have looked a lot like the Opening Ceremonies. Dear West, we see your twelve lords a-leaping and raise them a couple thousand tai chi artists in perfect rings. And we'll throw in a partridge just for good measure, but we haven't tested it for human growth hormone. Someone needs to write that song...

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