Thursday, October 22, 2009

77 DAYS!

Oh my goodness. How time has flown! With all the excitement about Rio's underdog victory as 2016 host city (and perhaps my unhealthy fascination with the Obamas), we here at Mount Olympics have failed to properly prepare you for Vancouver, which is a mere 77 days away!

The torch is already on the move here, people! We have been remiss! For those who are wondering, tomorrow it will be traveling by "large fishing boat" in Shippagen, New Brunswick. According to the relay site, it will loop the harbor before "returning to the starting point." Also, it will continue via ATV. CANADA!

Do you see what we have been missing? Entire loops of New Brunswickian harbors! Well, no more.

From now on, we will be all Vancouver 2010, all the time.* It makes Quatchi so happy!

Did you know that Canada was populated entirely by superheroes? I did not.

OMG Quatchi is buying his ticket! I want to buy one too!

*Please note that this may not actually be the case. For instance, new mascots have just been announced, mascots I must tell you about! Their names are Lyo and Merly and I will tell you about them tomorrow.

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