Monday, May 26, 2008

I Heart Quatchi

I am so excited for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Not because I might actually be able to go to the Games. Not because the skeleton is perhaps the craziest sport ever invented by deranged minds.

It's because of Quatchi.

Meet Quatchi, the Sasquatch from Quebec.

Remember that epic mascot blog I did a while back? (Of course you do, it's really the only reason to visit this nook of the internet.*) I left out my favorite mascots of all time, the Vancouver 2010 team!

They just didn't fit in with the other crazies. After all, they haven't exactly had their time in the sun yet. And with good reason! The spend most of their time hiding! Or so one would suspect, seeing as they are completely ridiculous cryptozoological creatures. One is an orca-bear monstrosity.

Here, just... watch the video. It explains absolutely nothing, but it does it far better than I could.

But the Quebecois Sasquatch who has a passion for photography and hockey is perhaps the greatest thing to ever happen to the Olympics, ever.

World? This totally makes up for Izzy. Just when I thought nothing ever could.

*Hell yes I'm revolutionizing the online lexicon. None too shabby for this here cranny of the webbernaut, eh?**
**Oh my God, Quatchi, I've gone native. Pretty soon Mount Olympics will be bilingual and the dollar will be replaced by the Loonie! Not that I'm complaining, mind you. Have you seen how strong the Loonie is these days? Currently worth one US dollar and one US penny and rising.


Emily said...

...has anyone checked to see whether the Olympics Mascot Committee has been taken over by 12-year-old Japanese girls? I'm just seeing a trend here.

Not that I'm objecting, really, they might be cryptozoological monstrosities but they're really *cute.*

Lex said...

God, they are so adorable! And so Canadian! (And also Japanese...) Ironically, the Nagano 98 Owls looked the LEAST like anime of any of the recent mascots.

At least it's no longer in the hands of the International Mascot Corporation. To review, they brought us both Izzy and Hidy and Howdy, the friendly Calgary polar bears.