Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Torch is on Top of the World

As of today, the torch-wielding Chinese climbing team made it to the very tippy top of the world. Even though there is very little oxygen that high in the atmosphere, the torch blazed true.

This torch is different than the one that traveled around the world-- it was specially designed to blaze on Mount Everest. It was unsullied by controversy, by protests, and by that awkward incident where it actually got extinguished in Paris. Its only job is to burn freely, as high as we can go.

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Emily said...


Also, can I just say that cyclones, earthquakes, and human rights aside, I don't feel like enough of a Deal was made about this. It's the Olympic Torch shining in the thin air of Mount Everest, people, who doesn't want to geek out about this?

Also #2, the captcha image on this comment says "ohmmm" in curvy blue letters, and I think that needs to be noted.