Thursday, May 29, 2008

The New York Times steals all my good ideas

No really.

Somewhere in New York, someone is getting paid cashy money to do what I do for you here every day (or really about once a week, when I feel like it) for FREE. The New York Times unveiled their very own blog about the Olympics earlier this month. It updates daily and everything!

What is their blog called? Rings. This one? Five Rings. I have FIVE of them, people. I am clearly better qualified. Also, I came first. So there. Suck it, New York Times.

Also, they're doing that whole "Clever Comment: Relevant Subtitle" thing! That was my thing, New York Times. Mine.

Let's compare, just really quickly.

Five Rings, April 11: An Adventure in Symbology, Part 1: THE FLAME
Rings, May 28, 2008: The Starting Line: Smog, Golf, Stadiums, and Banned Swimmers

Mine uses all caps. Clearly it is MORE IMPORTANT.

I HAVE MORE RANTING. But, if you'll excuse me, I'm going off to read about smog and some banned swimmers.


Emily said...

I propose a boycott.

Lex said...

But then where will I get my ideas?