Friday, February 12, 2010

Canadian Superheroes: Official Designation

We here at Mount Olympics are rather proud of the tags on this here blog, but perhaps we have never been prouder than at this very moment. From today's New York Times Sports Section:
February 12, 2010 
A Fashion Statement Designed to Grab Gold
RICHMOND, British Columbia — Look at that figure streaking into view on the Richmond Oval. Is it a crossing guard? Is it a backpacker? 
Actually, it is Christine Nesbitt of Canada in her new superhero bodysuit.
We here at Mount Olympics have been using the "Canadian Superheroes" tag for just under two years, and we treasure it as one of our greatest innovations. As such we will take this opportunity to be a little bit smug. Yes, that's right, New York "Our Coverage Takes the Gold" Times. Because we called it.

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