Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympic Overload!

Oh man, there is so much Olympics going on, I can't even say.

First off, we have an amazing entry into the field of sports journalism by Timothy Eagan, about Canada broadly and his fake ID specifically and national identity and all that good stuff.

And then we have some malfunctioning zambonis, that meant an intermission of about an hour for no good reason... but it gave us more time to ogle the speed skaters.

There's a good story in here somewhere about gender bias in the Olympics and why women aren't allowed to ski jump (spoiler alert: it's because they would beat all the men) but a Canadian curler could be competing while five months pregnant (awesome!!).

I've got to write more in-depth about the NBC coverage and the internet and twitter and Olympics Triple Play (and Dick Ebersol and Dick Ebersol's sweater) and why something like this can totally happen in this day and age:

Aaaaaand that's not even getting started on the incredible tales of athletic prowess, speed, precision, and artistry that are going on. So yes! I am going to get back to watching Shaun White beat the pants off everyone. In the meantime, here:

Enjoy your mind trip as you watch Quatchi watch himself WATCH YOU.


Amanda said...

can we talk about how NBC is tape delaying the olympics for the west coast? the WEST coast. the same time zone the olympics are IN. i don't understand.

Lex said...

Now, that's just silly. NBC, what are you doing.

Seriously, you're like 250 miles away from WHERE THE OLYMPICS are HAPPENING. You should be able to watch it in real time!

Amanda said...

seriously. what if i don't want to wait until 2 in the afternoon on a sunday to watch the olympics i know are happening??